Visiting the PBS NewsHour set

This is my third time trying to upload this entry–I’m not sure why Word Press is freaking out on me.

That mini-rant aside, I am currently an intern at WETA.  It isn’t a paid internship, but I think the perks definitely make up for it, not to mention the experience I’ve been gaining (which I find to be valuable because this is my first time working a position related to my major).  Anyway, I was able to get a brief tour of WETA’s production center, which is a stone’s throw away from their main building.

Not sure how much I’m allowed to share or not share, so I’ll just give you all the gist of it; I got to see mostly the “behind-the-scenes” crew, a small handful of sets, and a lot of technical equipment.

They allowed me to take a few pictures of the production center–if you’d like to view them as well, feel free to look at the entry I made on my Tumblr here.  I just uploaded an entry.  There’s also one image of the Washington Week set there as well.

Enjoy!  See you all next time!  🙂

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