It’s not too late! Corn Maze in Thurmont, MD still running until November 6th!

Went to a corn maze last night with a group of friends.  It was a lot of fun–there were bonfires, snacks (like kettle corn), a big screen playing a movie, pumpkin shooting and of course, the main event, the corn maze!!

The maze I went to was called Lawyer’s Moonlight Maze, located in Thurmont, MD.  I went at night, but it’s pretty hard to miss; if you go at night you’d be silly to miss the sea of lights in the middle of pitch darkness.  Plus, they have a huge sign up saying “Transformers” in all caps, because that’s their theme.

I took several pictures of my experience last night, but when I went through them today, a lot of them turned out to not be so clear.  I’ve put up the three photos and one video that turned out all right on my Tumblr though, so feel free to check it out there!  Here’s the links for them: Photos | Video.

If you’re interested in going, make sure you bring rain boots or shoes that you don’t care much about because the trail is muddy!!

For more information on the event and an address for the event, click HERE to go to their website!

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