My thoughts on the Nintendo Wii U

Hello everyone!  Just caught wind of Nintendo’s up and coming new console, the Nintendo Wii U thanks to this blog.  Apparently I’m a bit late on the uptake since the one article I found on it was written in June.  Now, I’m a fan of Nintendo and video games in general, but this console just seems ridiculous to me.  Then again, after high school, I stopped enjoying hardware that isn’t portable just because my life became so on-the-go, if you know what I mean.  I’d much rather see a better quality Nintendo 3DS than yet another bulky stationary console.

(This entry is going to be a little brief since my morning class will be starting in a few minutes.)

I won’t get too into it since it hasn’t been released yet, but I think this “update” should just be called something else altogether.  The bulky controller seems to defeat the purpose of the original Wii, and I don’t think I really understand the idea of a semi-portable console, which apparently is what this is.  If I understand it correctly, this is like a tablet with gaming controls that is dependent on an external server.  Feel free to disagree, but somehow that concept just doesn’t make sense to me.  A lot of people seem to be excited about it, but I think this machine might just be more of a sales gimmick rather than something worth shelling out some clams for.  Then again, I realize I’m probably not as hardcore a gamer as other people out there; I most certainly am less of a gamer than I was in say middle school or high school.

Just as a side quip; as a huge fan of the late Steve Jobs, I find it interesting how his products have really made an impact in the technological world.  People claim he stole this and that idea, but really I just look at it like this.  Even if he did get inspiration for his products from already existing ideas, he was the one that actually went forth, did something about it, and made products that many people were willing to buy.  This is how I feel about the film industry too–you just need to have guts.  In my mind, in a lot of ways, it’s all about who is able to plug out a finished product first.  Besides, I don’t think other companies would have come up with all the products that are on the market now (or at least they would not feel so pressured to make them) if Steve Jobs hadn’t come up with all the ideas he did.

I’ll leave my extended rant on my admiration for Steve another day though.  I need to get going now; class is about to start.

See you all again soon.

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