The Creative Buzz: Stay tuned for upcoming updates!

Even before starting this blog, I’ve always been about checking out new venues, networking with up-and-coming artists, and basically anything related to the arts.  This personal hobby of mine eventually developed into the idea for this blog.

I’ve found that some of the best aspects of keeping a blog is that it can sometimes provide the opportunity to start a conversation with some very interesting and talented people.  I get to share their stories on the web, giving them a bit of publicity, and at the same time I usually get to make a new friend or two–so in my mind, the situation is pretty much a win-win.

You can meet some of the most creative people in the most ordinary of places, which is exactly what happened to me this past Sunday afternoon.  I got a chance to get to know two interesting talents yesterday, and I’ll be posting up the interviews I had with them soon.

Stay tuned!

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