Arthur Christmas (2011) Review

One word to describe this movie?  Hilarious.  One word to describe how I felt after watching this movie?  Relieved.  Why?  Well, for anyone who recalls my disappointment with Puss in Boots, in that entry I’m sure there was a reader or two out there that thought I was probably being too hard on the movie.  After having seen this film though, I stand ever firmer by my opinion that PIB was pretty bad.

I like movies where my imagination can take what I’ve seen and make it ten times funnier or better in my head…does that make any sense to anyone?  I hope it does.  If a movie is too boring or bland, I find that even my wild imagination can’t even really make the film all that exciting.  Luckily, I think Arthur Christmas does a great job as a kids movie.  In fact, I think this one is probably going to get added to my DVD collection.

For this particular movie I’ve decided not to do spoilers because I feel like there’s just too many things going on in every scene, and I feel like even if I were to write it all out it wouldn’t properly capture the overall hilarity I felt from the movie.  It’s a movie I think really brings that whole magical feeling of Christmas back that I used to have when I was younger.  Don’t worry, you definitely get more than the trailer.

I didn’t know who the voice actors were going into the film, but I couldn’t help but to check on my phone (there was only a handful of people in the theater, I think most people were out of town for Thanksgiving, so there was really no one to bother with my cell phone light) to see who the voice actors were.  I was surprised to find out James McAvoy was voicing Arthur, he sounded completely different to me.  Hugh Laurie, on the other hand, was the reason why I felt compelled to go to IMDB and find out who was voicing Steve, who is Arthur’s older brother in the movie.  Laurie uses his House voice in the film, and I thought that was kind of funny in itself because somehow his House-like voice didn’t really match the character Steve’s look.

I laughed pretty hard the entire film; in fact, it was kind of embarrassing–same thing happened to me when I watched Crazy, Stupid, Love, only that time, there were plenty of other people in the theater and they all seemed to find that dog pile fight that happened towards the end to be just as hilarious as I did.

Anyway, here’s my review for this movie:

Originality: ****
Picture: ***
Sound: ****
Story: *****
Casting: N/A – animated
Re-watch Factor: *****
Overall: ****


Would I watch this movie again?  Absolutely.  In fact, if any of my friends wanted to see it again in theaters, I’d likely go with them, although it may be one of those times where I have to pretend that I haven’t seen it–most of my friends think it’s weird that I enjoy watching movies multiple times at the cinema (not all, mind, but for a select few I particularly enjoyed, yes).

I was going to write at least one more review, but for this next one I think I want to write one of my long, extensive spoiler reviews, so I’m going to wait on it for now and get some rest first.  Hopefully I’ll be able to take some time tomorrow and be able to post it up.

Until then!

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