New Year’s Eve (2011) Review

If anyone recalls my entry where I had posted up a few movie trailers, you might recall that I wasn’t super impressed, nor was I really itching to go see this movie.  I saw it yesterday though, because one of my friends wanted to watch a movie and this was the only one I hadn’t seen yet and didn’t mind watching.

I’m not even going to bother with spoilers with this one, because I found the story to be incredibly two-dimensional and flat.  There really is nothing to spoil.  If you’ve seen Valentine’s Day from last year, then this is pretty much the same kind of movie with just a different cast of characters.  You might get out a chuckle or two, see a very faintly touching moment, and maybe the briefest “aww” moment or two for a romantic and gushy scene.  Other than that though, pretty forgettable.  I only vaguely remember Valentine’s Day, and I assume this movie will quickly fade in my memory as well.

Review is below the cut.

Originality: *
Picture: ****
Sound: ****
Story: ** (I’m being generous; this could be a one-star as well.)
Casting: ***
Re-watch Factor: *
Overall: **


Overall the story seems disorganized and pretty all over the place.  Why they decided to release a movie about New Years in the beginning of December is beyond me too.  In my opinion, the weakest part of this movie had to be the transitions.  Some of the stories seemed incomplete and didn’t make a lot of sense, and the transitions were sometimes a mess.  My advice?  Skip watching this in theaters and just wait for it to come out on demand or when a movie channel has it for free–I’m not even sure I’d bother with the cha-ching, cha-ching for a rental.

You know, oddly enough, for the type of people casted, you’d think the movie would at least be a little bit funnier, even if it wasn’t off-your-rocker funny.  Kind of reminds me of how I felt about In the Name of the King, which I didn’t even bother to finish because it was so awful–but I remember being surprised at that because there were some big names in the movie, like Jason Statham (who was probably one of the main reasons why I watched it, so the fact that I wasn’t even able to finish it should definitely be saying something).  Also, is it just me, or does Katherine Heigl always seem to be eating chocolate out of frustration or depression in all the comedy movies she’s in?  Haha.  Not hating on her or anything, I just find that funny.

On a different note, I’m about to graduate from undergrad (yay!) in two weeks, so I’ve been way too busy to blog as of late.  Hopefully that will all change once I start working full-time, and then perhaps I can get into a more regular blogging schedule.

Until next time!

4 responses to “New Year’s Eve (2011) Review

  1. Good review. I was pleasantly surprised that I actually enjoyed myself with this flick, even though I do feel like Garry Marshall didn’t really try to do anything with all of these stars instead of just have them show up and do something. Still, a fun film that is a crowd-pleaser for sure. Check out my review when you get the chance.

    • Really?? Haha, I’m totally surprised you enjoyed it as well; in fact, I think that’s incredibly amusing. When I watched it, I totally thought to myself man, this is the type of stuff guys would probably groan that their girlfriend dragged them to, so I think it’s funny you didn’t find that the case. 🙂 And sure, I’ll hop over to your blog~

  2. I remember this movie was on the list of Yahoo!’s list of the worst movie posters of 2011. The posters seemed to pitch the movie as if you should see it purely because of the shear number of big-name actors in it, and I’m guessing that’s exactly what you saw.

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