Kudos to Entertainment Weekly Magazine & the release of its iPad app!

First of all, before I really dive into this entry, I just want to give a quick shout out of thanks to everyone who has been reading my blog, and I only just noticed today that the number of people who have opted in for email subscriptions to my blog increased from 2 to 5, and that several more people are following my blog using the WordPress “follow” function.  (Thank you to anyone following via RSS too, though I’m not sure if anyone is because I don’t know if there is a way to track that.)  I am very appreciative of those who are becoming “regulars” to this site, and I am also grateful to the several users who have been liking my various blog posts.  THANK YOU EVERYONE!

As for what this entry is about–it may be old news to some, but Entertainment Weekly just became my absolute favorite magazine, and a recent development they have made has me crossed over from being a trial subscriber to a full-on subscriber to the magazine.

Entertainment Weekly has finally come out with an iPad version of its magazine, which is absolutely lovely for someone like me who is always on the go and sometimes forgets to pack her hard copy when going somewhere–I’ve usually got my iPad on me though.  It’s also super convenient to switch between issues.  EW is one of those magazines where I personally don’t like to throw them out and even go back to older issues and read older articles, so the fact that I’ll have everything in my iPad is fantastic for me.  In fact, if some day they decide to give an iPad only subscription at a lower rate, I will probably end up swtiching to that, as a majority of the time EW delivers way too late to my doorstep–by the time the magazine arrives, I’ve already read it off the shelf at my local bookstore.  The iPad edition eliminates both that trip to the bookstore and the wait for the magazine.  (To be honest I find it a little annoying that they don’t offer an iPad only subscription, at least as far as I know, anyway.)

Another reason why I’ve become a subscriber is because of their magazine content.  It completely meets my needs because it gives me great previews on current and upcoming stuff, and also throws in just enough of the other little things like brief snippets of celebrity gossip–I’m not huge on celebrity gossip, but things like who is getting married to who, whose birthday it is, and EW’s occasional articles written by the celebrities themselves are just a small enough dose of that world that I don’t view it as junk or useless information.  The whole magazine to me is like a nice sampler of everything entertainment.

I also have to mention their great customer service.  Not all of my issues were arriving to me at first, and I had several other issues with my subscription.  Not only was their customer service friendly, they were also very responsive and took care of all the issues right away.  They definitely kept their word about responding in a timely manner–most of my issues were resolved within 24 hours or less.

For anyone who might be wondering, I was not asked by Entertainment Weekly to sing praises about them; this is just what I’ve observed as a subscriber to their magazine, and I thought they gave me positive experiences worth sharing.  I’m pretty picky and wary of doing magazine subscriptions, and so far this magazine is providing a great service that I was used to from Shojo Beat magazine, a Japanese manga serial that is no longer published due to lack of funding, that I used to subscribe to.  I haven’t been hooked to another magazine since until now.

The only thing I really think the magazine needs a lot of improvement on is the organization of their website.  I personally find it to be set up way too busy in terms of layout, making it rather annoying for me to look at.  Perhaps one day they might get around to changing that, who knows.

Anyway, until next time, see you all around!

4 responses to “Kudos to Entertainment Weekly Magazine & the release of its iPad app!

    • Haha, I totally understand. I was very into Cosmo when I was in high school. I think part of why I don’t read it anymore is because I wanted something a little more concentrated on a big interest of mine, which is film. If you think about it though, in a way I only traded one guilty pleasure for another. ;p

      Thanks for your comment! 🙂

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