My Top 20 iPhone/iPad apps of 2011

Since we’re nearing the end of 2011, I think it’s about time I get started on writing up some of my favorite top things of the year.  Today I’m going to start with my top 20 favorite iPad apps that I use most frequently.  This list will be split into two halves–my top 10 favorite iPhone apps, and then my top 10 iPad ones.

Here goes! (App names with *’s next to them means they’re a paid app.)

For the iPhone

1.   Fandango – As a movie lover, I use this one constantly.
2.  360 Browser* – Aside from the fact you cannot move tabs around like Firefox (Firefox sync compatible though), you can’t move tabs around like Firefox (but you can switch between tabs), and the controls are a little confusing at first, it is a great browser and I use it more than Safari now.
3. Flixter – Again, as a movie addict, having an app that goes straight to Rotten Tomatoes is great.
4.Netflix – If you can ignore that movies are playing on a small screen, this is a great app to have.
5.  Camera+ – A nice in-phone photo editing app with lots of cool effects.
6.  SoundHound – Listens to the music you’re hearing and matches up who it is along with other information.
7.  Cause of Death Free* – One of the best games I’ve ever played; the on-air episodes are free, but if you want to keep the episodes and replay old stories, you have to pay. Unfortunately, no iPad version is available.
8.  Surviving High School Paid* – From the same developers of Cause of Death. The stories aren’t as good, but the on-air episodes are free and it’s a fun game to pass the time with. It’s available in HD on the iPad.
9.  Pandora – Great for mostly commercial free music and a MUCH better selection than what the radio gives you.
10.  TextNow – A wonderful free texting application with unobtrusive ads.

Other useful apps that I use regularly: KakaoTalk (great for free international texting across other KakaoTalk installed phones), Translator (for all your quick, on-the-go translation needs), Pro Tuner (accurate and free tuner for guitar players), StarMaker (for people who want to cut the costs on visiting a karaoke bar and are also given the option to play with Antares autotune), WikiPanion, WebMD, and Genius Scan (which works wonderfully if you have to scan a quick attachment to someone and have no scanner nearby).

For the iPad

1.  Chapters* – Fantastic for avid writers and includes a password lock function.
2.  Fandango – 10x more cool to use than the iPhone app.
3.  360 Browser* – Sometimes crashes, but still better than Safari.
4.Netflix – Much more interactive than iPhone app.
5.  Pandora – HD quality of iPhone app.
6.EW Magazine* – Very interactive and adds to the print subscription of the magazine.  I wrote a brief entry about it here.
7.Skype – Easy to use quality in comparison to the iPhone version.
8. – Great for instant messaging on the iPad.
9.  Flixter – Easier to navigate than iPhone app.
10.IMDB – More interactive than the iPhone verison.

Other good apps I use regularly on my iPad: The Stroke of Midnight* (an RPG game similar to Myst), Overdrive (great for checking out eBooks from your local library), Dictionary (even includes offline function), WikiPanion, WebMD, Sims Freeplay (for Sims addicts), Words with Friends HD Free, and Translator.

Hope you enjoyed the list!  See you next time!

2 responses to “My Top 20 iPhone/iPad apps of 2011

    • Aw, that’s great! I’m glad you found this helpful. 🙂 Yeah, is really, really useful, especially if you have a bluetooth keyboard, because then you can see more of the screen because the iPad keyboard won’t block the chat space. Even if you use the iPad keyboard, it doesn’t cut off so much of the screen like other IM apps I’ve used on it so far. Plus, it hardly ever lags and is pretty easy to use, at least from my experience.

      Thanks for visiting again! 😀

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