[REJECTED] Movies of 2011 I thought were mediocre or just didn’t care for

I’ve got some energy left, and seeing how there’s still a few hours left in 2011, I thought why not just compile a list of the rest of the movies I watched this year that I either found not worth enough to be an honorable mention in my top 2011 movies list, movies that I thought were pretty boring or bad, or movies that were so awful that I didn’t even finish watching them—I just walked out.

All movies are in order of release date.  Since it’s a reject list, I didn’t really bother putting too much effort looking for pictures or any extras to add to this list.  Any movies with a * next to them means I fast-forwarded through most of it, ** means I just walked out altogether because I thought it was so terrible.  Movies with a + next to it means I liked it on a personal level, but I didn’t think it was of good enough quality to put on my movie top list.

Finally, before I begin, this list is in no way meant to dictate the views of anyone else—I realize some people out there might have really enjoyed these movies.  This list just a reflection of my personal movie tastes.

1. No Strings Attached – January 21, 2011
2. The Mechanic – January 28, 2011
3. Just Go With It – February 11, 2011
4. Beastly – March 4, 2011
5. Rango* – March 4, 2011
6. The Lincoln Lawyer  – March 18, 2011
7. Limitless – March 18, 2011
8. Sucker Punch – March 25, 2011
9. Source Code – April 1, 2011
10. Soul Surfer  – April 8, 2011
11. Hanna – April 8, 2011
12. Arthur+ – April 8, 2011
13. The Conspirator – April 15, 2011
14. Water for Elephants* – April 22, 2011
15. Something Borrowed – May 6, 2011
16. Mr. Poppers Penguins* – June 17, 2011
17. Cars 2* – June 24, 2011
18. Bad Teacher – June 24, 2011
19. Monte Carlo – July 1, 2011
20. Larry Crowne* – July 1, 2011
21. Zookeeper+ – July 8, 2011
22. Horrible Bosses – July 8, 2011
22. Winnie the Pooh – July 15, 2011
23. The Change-Up – August 5, 2011
24. 30 Minutes or Less** – August 12, 2011
25. Drive – September 16, 2011
26. Abduction* – September 23, 2011
27. What’s Your Number?+ – September 30, 2011
28. The Ides of March – October 7, 2011 (I just have to comment on this one; I had such a hard time with this because it seemed more like we were watching real life than a movie—I found it to be very frustrating.)
29. Footloose – October 14, 2011
30. The Three Musketeers – October 21, 2011
31. Johnny English Reborn+ – October 21, 2011
32. Puss in Boots – October 28, 2011
33. Happy Feet Two+ – November 18, 2011
34. New Year’s Eve – December 9, 2011
35. Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol* – December 16, 2011
36. The Adventures of Tintin – December 21, 2011

All in all, I personally found this year to be pretty disappointing in terms of movies.  Here’s to hoping next year there will be a lot better quality stories hitting theaters.

2 responses to “[REJECTED] Movies of 2011 I thought were mediocre or just didn’t care for

  1. Some great movies on this list. Drive was probably the best movie of the year for me. Limitless and Source Code were suprisingly good. Source Code in particular was a highlight of the year for me. It was a suprisingly intelligent thriller. The Lincoln Lawyer was MM best role in years. I think Hanna was one of the most underated movies of the year.
    There are a few other on there that were pretty good as well. But you were wise to skip over the bulk of them. 🙂
    If I had to pick one from that list that I think you should absolutely see it would have to be Drive. I haven’t seen anything like it in years.

    • Hahaha, sorry, I wasn’t too clear in this post. I’ve actually seen all of these movies, either in theaters or via stream mode. I really, really don’t like gore or bloody violence, and honestly when I went to see Drive, I had only been thinking about how excited I was to see Ryan Gosling’s acting. Unfortunately, it was a little too “Kill Bill”-esque for me, so I didn’t like it.

      Objectively, I can understand why people would like movies like Limitless, Drive, and Source Code—especially guys, or girls that really love violent movies. I, unfortunately, have too weak a stomach, lol. I give you permission to judge. :p

      I also agree Matthew McConaughey was wonderful in Lincoln Lawyer; I just didn’t care too much for the story. I think it was because the other character and his mother ticked me off. (I think I’m remembering the right movie? Spoiled rich kid trying to get away with murder, right?) The story reminded me of a more mature version of Cruel Intentions—and now that I think about it…whoa. Wasn’t Ryan Phillipe in that one too? HAHAHA. I think he was.

      Anyway, I do agree yes, I have not seen a movie as bloody as Drive since Taeguki (released as Brotherhood of War in English—try it out, you might like that one), and the first Kill Bill…which I only saw on accident while my boy cousins were watching it in the living room. I have forever blocked that movie out of my memory.

      Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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