TV Recommendation: A Game of Honor (2011) documentary on Showtime

I was spending some time at a friend’s last night, and we were just flipping channels on the television for a little while when I caught sight of a documentary called A Game of Honor.  It was on the Showtime network.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to see all of it because my friend wanted to watch something else, but the bit of it I did see sent chills down my spine—the good kind.

I believe it is a documentary about the Army vs. Navy college football teams.  The part of the documentary I saw was the ring poop chant at West Point, where the plebes get to “haze” their graduated upperclassmen by chasing them around and chanting the ring chant after the person’s been cornered.  I thought the footage on it was fantastic.

Here’s the chant, for those curious:

Oh my gosh, sir/ma’am! What a beautiful ring! What a crass mass of brass and glass! What a bold mold of rolled gold! What a cool jewel you got from your school! See how it sparkles and shines? It must have cost you a fortune! May I touch it, may I touch it please, sir/ma’am?

For an example of this tradition in action, check out this video on YouTube.  For those who want to hear the chant, just listen to the first few seconds of this video.  Of course, the footage from the documentary is a lot more exhilarating to watch (at least in my opinion, anyway).

The other part I saw that really stuck out was the footage of the “I believe that we will win” chant done by the Navy right before their team goes out onto the field.  This example of it from YouTube is a little hazy, but believe me, the footage from the documentary on it was really amazing.

Even if you’re not a huge fan of football or documentaries, I think a lot of people will really enjoy watching this documentary, especially because this isn’t just about your favorite local football team.  If you’re not completely convinced, check out the trailer below.  They don’t even really hit the tip of the iceberg in it though.

I love my docs, but usually not enough to purchase them.  I really hope they distribute this one eventually though, I’d love to purchase it.

For more information, visit the Showtime page for it on the Showtime website!  [CLICK HERE]

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