[Review] CraftBond™ Permanent Tape Runner

If you’re a fan of BIC’s Wite-Out Correction Tape—I know I sure am, I make tons of mistakes all the time—you might also like CraftBond™ Permanent Tape Runner!

I’m a bit of an office supplies nerd, so when I was introduced this product for the first time by my boss at work a few weeks ago, you can bet that I was super excited to use it.  Haha.

Anyway, this thing is a lightweight and portable double-taper.  It uses the same concept as BIC’s Wite-Out Correction Tape to dispense the double-tape.  I used it to attach a piece of paper to a foamcore and it actually worked quite well!  There are only a few downsides which are pretty similar to the white-out tape, like the tape not always staying on the applicator or the roll running out quickly since it’s a portable device.  I also would imagine that it wouldn’t be able to hold really heavy things together, since it’s very thin, but for taping paper together I think it works quite well.

If you’re interested in learning more about it, or to see where you can buy it, you can go to its product page on the Elmer’s website by clicking HERE.

According to the site, it’s been rated 5 stars, which I guess I can agree with for what it is.  Although if they made the product a little bigger just so they could fit more tape into it, I probably wouldn’t complain.  Overall I think it is a handy product and I’d recommend it to anyone who might need something like it.  If you’re looking for something more heavy duty though, this might not be the product for you.

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