[Review] Gah Rham (가람) – Beltsville, MD

While I was going to school in College Park, one of my favorite go-to places for Korean food was Gah Rham.  It was pretty close to the school and they have lunch and dinner buffets, which is great when you’re a super hungry college student.  If I’m remembering correctly, the sushi was actually pretty fresh too.

As far as quality, I think the buffet was probably the best part about this restaurant.  If you’re looking for excellent main dishes and more professional service, then once again, I refer you to Woomi Garden.  For a place that’s in a very heavily student-populated area though, this place was just fine.

As for how I’d rate the place, here’s the usual breakdown:

Online Ordering?:  No.
No, but they do offer carryout.
Kids Menu?: 
Yes, there’s one for lunch and one for dinner.
I think they do have some options.
Yes – Particularly their buffet.

The only main thing that could use some work at this restaurant would probably have to be the service.  They’re not mean to patrons or anything, they’re just not as warm and attentive as I feel like servers should be.  However, if you’re looking for a buffet in the College Park area, I’d recommend giving this place a shot.  I think it’s worth the price, but definitely come hungry.

As for where it’s located, here’s the address:

5027 Garrett Avenue
Beltsville, MD 20705

In case you get lost, or if you want to call ahead for carryout, here’s their number: (301) 595-4122.

Seriously, I don’t know what it is with Korean restaurants being located in somewhat obscure places, but if you’ve been reading my other entries on Korean restaurants I recommend, I’m sure you’re starting to see a trend.  Hahaha.  I actually didn’t notice until I started writing all these entries and I started to slowly remember all the times I had issues finding some of these places.

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