Minor updates to the site!

Just wanted to announce that I added a sub-page to my links section.  I was originally going to set up a blogroll for this blog (which is a project I’ve been putting off for forever), and then I came to the conclusion that doing so would be a pretty bad idea.

The fact of the matter is, I love reading people’s blogs, and there’s also a good deal of blogs that I like reading on a regular basis.  If I were to include all these in a blogroll somewhere in my sidebar, I would probably cause this site to become incredibly (and unnecessarily) long.  So I finally took a few minutes to just compile everything as neatly as possible on one page.  Please do check these other blogs out!  🙂

Here’s to hoping this doesn’t confuse people though.  Just clicking “Links” will take you to a page with all my other links on it, that aren’t blogs.  Hopefully that made some kind of sense.

At some point I’m going to take some time and make my sitemap all pretty and colorful rather than have it in list format.  I was thinking of taking the flow chart route with that?  We’ll see what happens though.

Sorry this entry was so not interesting!  Just wanted to give you all the heads up.

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