Wrath of the Titans (2012) Review

I actually had no real intention of watching this film, as it didn’t seem all that interesting to me; however, I was with a friend who really wanted to see a movie and she refused to watch The Hunger Games (2012) because I had already seen it, even though she hadn’t.  I actually don’t mind seeing films I enjoyed more than once, but a lot of my friends seem to have this unspoken rule that you should only see a movie once in theaters, haha.  I actually kind of wanted to see Salmon Fishing in the Yemen (2012), but unfortunately my friend was not in the serious movie mood, so that left Wrath of the Titans as the only other option.

I will admit, I enjoyed it a little more than I thought I would.  If I were to sum up the whole experience though, I think it was a lot like watching someone play a video game with over-leveled characters.  I’m sure any gamers out there know what I mean—clearing a stage or beating a boss goes by way faster if your characters’ levels are like 20-30 levels above what they should be.  Of course, grinding to get there is pretty annoying, but I digress.

It’s been a few days since I’ve seen this movie, so quite honestly a lot of it is really hazy to me.  If I’m recalling correctly though, the plot was pretty two-dimensional and packed with a lot of action scenes.  Maybe it’s because I didn’t see the first movie, but I thought the story was pretty weak.  It was basically a childish family squabble that kind of resolved itself at the end with plenty of character deaths that could have been avoided.  Then again, if the time wasn’t spent busily killing off a bunch of minor characters, then it probably would have had even less of a story.

Bottom line is, the most important villain of the story I think, was Chronos.  And I have to say that I found his very brief role in the film to be quite hilarious.  For about 80% of the movie he’s still in his prison, 10% of the time he’s starting to “thaw out,” and the remaining 10% of the time he screams inaudible words and attempts to kill off Sam Worthington’s character, and is rather predictably (and quite easily) demolished.

I also love how Toby Kebbell was randomly in this one.  Oh Toby, I love how you just sign up for the most random characters, hahaha.

Anyway, onto my ratings breakdown for this movie:

Originality: *
Picture: ***
Sound: ***
Story: ***
Casting: ***
Re-watch Factor: **
Overall: ***


The movie was all right, but I don’t know if I would recommend for people to spend the money to watch it in theaters.  I would recommend waiting for the DVD instead.  Of course, that’s just my opinion.

By the way, big things are happening for The Exception, who once again is responsible for this entry taking so much longer to write than usual, haha.  Not that readers can really tell the difference since it’s not like there’s a camera over my shoulder providing live feed of how long it takes me to write something, but just take my word for it.  That being said, if you have not yet checked him out, please do so, and please support him by buying his music either through iTunes or Amazon.com!

8 responses to “Wrath of the Titans (2012) Review

  1. i haven’t seen it yet… it’s not the kind of movie i would go to see. too much computer-generated graphics and effects spoil movies for me =/ it’s a turn-off. I did like Real Steel, though!

    • Yeah, I understand. I think for me it just depends on how good the plot is. If the plot is decent, then I don’t mind all the CG. And yes, I loved Real Steel!! 😀 I admit, I teared up a little at the end of that movie.

  2. As far as I’m concerned, the only Titans movie that is worthy is the original starring Laurence Olivier as Zeus. I saw that one in 8th grade and basically felt, “This is the cheesiest movie I have ever seen but man I love it!”

      • Not Wrath but Clash. The original Clash of the Titans was a cult classic. I don’t believe there even was an older Wrath of the Titans as far as I’m aware

      • Oh haha, sorry I’m tired right now so my brain must have filled that word in somehow, even though it’s nowhere in your previous comment. LOL. My bad! But yeah, I will be putting that on my “to-watch” list.

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