The Avengers (2012) Review

I had a pretty movie-filled movie this weekend, but it was mostly because I finally had the time and energy to make a trip to the closest independent movie theater that usually plays the more artsy and limited-release films, and less because I wanted to see a ton of movies in one go.

Anyway, I just thought I would start off by reviewing The Avengers; it sticks out most clearly in my mind.

While the movie didn’t exactly blow me out of the water, I was fairly impressed with how they handled such a huge cast and I also think there was a good balance of action sequences and the tying in of stories from other movies into the main plot of The Avengers.  My only real complaint was that I didn’t quite understand who those creatures were that Loki enlisted to be his army, and how exactly they had all become acquainted in the first place.  Other than that, I think the movie was pretty successful at being a subliminal marketing tool to make me want to see another Avengers movie and more sequels to other superhero movies, and at the moment I am really looking forward to Thor 2 (November 15, 2013).

There was just the right amount of everything in this film for me.  I especially appreciated that the film and cast also seemed to be able to poke a little fun at themselves here and there.  (Like that one scene with the Hulk and Loki in the Stark Tower?  I thought that was totally hilarious and definitely one of my favorite parts of the movie.)

For a movie that was about 2 hours and 23 minutes long, I personally felt like it paced itself well.  A lot of times with action movies I feel like sometimes there’s too much action and not enough story, but I didn’t really feel like that was the case here.  Of course there were certain back stories that I wish were given a little more detail, but again, given the limiting time constraints they had, I think they did a great job.

I’d love to give this movie an A+, but it doesn’t completely fit the criteria I’ve set for that particular rating.  I realize that means my overall rating for this film will probably differ a lot from what other people think.  Anyway, here’s my ratings breakdown for this movie:

Originality: ***
Picture: ****
Sound: ****
Story: ****
Casting: *****
Re-watch Factor: ***
Overall: ****


I saw this movie in 3D because that was the only one playing at a time slot that worked best for me; however, like I feel with a lot of 3D movies, it wasn’t really anything special.  I really think theaters need to have larger and longer screens in order for the 3D to actually seem like it’s popping out at you.

By the way, *MINI-SPOILER ALERT*if you missed the second extra scene after the end credits, click THIS LINK (and thanks to 3Guys1Movie for hooking me up with that link via Twitter).  The person I went with didn’t want to stick around for the after-credits, in case the scene wasn’t worth waiting for, so I wasn’t able to see this one in theaters.  I don’t know if it was necessarily worth the end credits wait, I’ll give the person that, but I still found it pretty hilarious.

On a slightly different note, there are three other movies that I’m planning on reviewing, but I think I’ll save those for later this week instead.  It’s been a bit of a crazy weekend and I think I’d like to spend the last few hours of it recuperating and preparing for the week ahead!  So until then, see you all later!  🙂

7 responses to “The Avengers (2012) Review

  1. While it’s not saying a ton, The Avengers was by and far the best movie I have seen in 2012 so far. Granted, all I have seen so far was that, The Hunger Games (good, not great), Safe House (mediocre), and Project X (easily one of the all time worst movies I have ever seen).

  2. Nice review Rae, I wish they would have picked another villian rather than Loki and generic space race. Looks like the villian in the next film will be Thanos

    • Hahaha, right? And yes, that does seem to be the case. That should be fun.

      Also, just a random thought…I wonder if Loki’s trial (and the outcome of it) is going to be a huge part of Thor 2, and if he’s going to be the main bad guy again in Thor 2.

  3. I watched this movie tonight, and it didn’t live up to the hype for me. It could’ve been just another Iron Man movie and that would’ve been cool enough. It was very cheesy.. especially when they bag each other’s abilities. I wouldn’t watch it a 2nd time. Though I really liked the final battle, I reckon children would be far more impressed with this than any other age group. It didn’t make sense that Loki would be using the Hulk at all?!!? like wtf?!?! as if that was really part of his plan? You’re right about the theatres needing to build bigger screens.. the 3D is just wasted. for me I would give it a 2 out of 5 – which I think is generous. there’s just so many things not quite right. Like i said, they would be very successful if their target demographic were children, like Transformers 2 and 3. Because it was hardly enjoyable. =P

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