Quick Opinion: Should lists of lottery ticket winners be available to the public?

These days it seems like a fair amount of people have been winning the lottery.  I feel like almost every two to three weeks I’m hearing about another lucky person, group, or company that’s made it big off of one of these tickets.  I’m not a gambler myself, but I have to admit this sudden influx of success stories can make it tempting to start.

I bring this up though only because of something I read in an article I came across recently, about a guy who won $1 six times from the lottery.  The point of controversy is that he wanted to keep his identity hidden from the public.  Apparently, some people out there are none too happy with his choice to remain anonymous.

Here’s the snipped from the article that I’m talking about:

The man has said he does not want to be identified, sparking irritation among some who believe that lists of winners should be public records.

In my opinion, I think winners should have the right to remain anonymous.  Perhaps there is a side of this argument that I’m not seeing, but I think the only reason why people would want to know who won is so they can attempt to get in contact with that person and look for a handout of some kind.  I believe in the saying that people like to “come out of the woodwork” when a person (whom they would have never given the light of day otherwise) achieves success or has a lot of money.  Suddenly everyone wants to be that person’s best friend.

So what do you guys think?  Should names of lottery ticket winners be made public information?  Why or why not?  I’d love to hear people’s opinion on this.

5 responses to “Quick Opinion: Should lists of lottery ticket winners be available to the public?

  1. The only reason I can think of anyone wanting to know who won the lottery is if they know the person, then they might try to dig up something to try to sue/blackmail that person in exchange for a portion of his winnings. This is the type of thing where I personally would prefer to remain anonymous, but then again i wouldn’t buy a lottery ticket since I have something on the order of 1 in 50^6 chance of winning.

  2. I think that guy purchased 6 tickets with the same number? Anyhow, I think that part of the deal at least in Cali is that you agree that your image can be used in lottery advertising and for promotional purposes as part of the small print on the back of the ticket. I think they actually have lawyer/financial advisor agencys that will cash you ticket so you can remain anonymous.

      • I think it would depend on how much cash we were talking about. a million no big deal 30 million I would probably not want people to find me. lol

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