Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted (2012) Review

I don’t remember liking or finding the first two Madagascar movies enjoyable by any means, but I ended up seeing this one anyway.  It was mostly just a time killer for my friend and I, since we couldn’t really think of anything to do the day we were hanging out.

While the movie was kind of a little too hyperactive and all over the place for me personally, I think it’s perfect for little kids.  The kids watching it (and even some of the parents) in the theater I was in seemed to enjoy it, and by the end of the movie a handful of the kids were singing Chris Rock’s zebra character’s afro song.  I will admit, the tune kind of sticks to you like “The Song That Never Ends.”  Haha.

Anyway, for a sample of the afro song, click HERE.

In terms of originality, I don’t think there was anything here that we haven’t seen before in a kids movie, and there was nothing that really surprised me about the plot either.  I think it’s a good way to pass the time and a great way for kids to get interested in going to a circus.  (It’s also an equally great way to get them disappointed that the circus isn’t as exciting compared to what they see in this movie, haha.)

I think there are a couple inappropriate jokes in here, but hey, what kids movie doesn’t have them lately?  Kids are a lot more aware these days anyway, although I do remember one joke being particularly awkward.

I think  if you’re looking for something to take your child to, this movie isn’t so bad.  In fact, if I’m remembering my experience with the previous two installments correctly, I wasn’t nearly as amused with them as I was by this one.  Beware though, there is a chance your kid will probably be singing the “Circus-Afro” song all the way home.


As far as kids movies go, I think this one deserves a B.  There’s just the right amount of cute, story, colorfulness, and funny to keep kids entertained.

4 responses to “Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted (2012) Review

  1. so you picked this instead of Prometheus ? lol I assume that I will end up checking this out with jr. at some point. Glad to hear that it is not totally terrible.

    • You know it! The minute someone told me there’s an alien popping out of someone, I was like yeah, no thanks. Your son will probably like it if he likes silly movies. The kids I shared the theater with when I watched this sure seemed to like it. I’m telling you, I still have that circus-afro song stuck in my head, lol.

      • lol yeah I saw that song in the trailer, lol

        That scene you are talking about did have me turning my head, that was a bit tough to watch. 🙂

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