[Music Review] Overexposed (Deluxe Edition) – Maroon 5

Maroon 5 is one of my favorite artists and they consistently make catchy songs that I like to listen to on repeat in the car.  I just bought their new album, Overexposed, the deluxe edition a few days ago and I’ve already picked out which songs I like best from the album.

When I look back at their first album to now, I feel like it shows a steady evolution in their style from pop to something more like you can dance to.  The song “Love Somebody” in particular sounds like something you’d see on Glee or a musical number used by a flash mob.  Anyway, below the cut I’ve bolded my favorite songs, along with some comments of what I thought of several of the songs on the album.

This is the track list from the deluxe vversion of the album from iTunes.

  1. “One More Night”
  2. “Payphone (feat. Wiz Khalifa)”
  3. “Daylight” – Kind of reminds me of OneRepublic.
  4. “Lucky Strike” – I’m not a huge fan of 3OH!3, so I can’t say which of their songs this reminds me of, but this song did sound to me like one of the two 3OH!3 songs that used to get overplayed on the radio.
  5. “The Man Who Never Lied”
  6. “Love Somebody” – I really like this song a lot.  In fact, I liked it so much when I first heard it that I created this fan music video with it: bit.ly/MixmAe. The song starts at about 2:38.  No copyright infringement intended!!
  7. “Ladykiller”
  8. “Fortune Teller”
  9. “Sad” – This song sounds to me very similar to Alicia Key’s “Through It All” off her The Element of Freedom (2009) album.
  10. “Tickets” – Part of it sounds kind of like Lady Gaga’s “Pokerface.”
  11. “Doin’ Dirt”
  12. “Beautiful Goodbye” – This one sounds like more of their older stuff.  Kind of reminds me of “Sunday Morning,” another one of my favorites by them off an earlier album.
  13. “Wipe Your Eyes” – This kind of reminds me of Lily Allen’s “Chinese,” another song I really like.
  14. “Wasted Years”
  15. “Kiss” – I enjoyed this cover of Prince’s song, especially how Adam Levine sings the chorus.
  16. “One More Night (Sticky K Remix)”


I don’t think this was their strongest album, but I’ve been enjoying listening to it.  Fans of their earlier stuff may be a little disappointed since I think this album sounds pretty different from their older songs.  However, if you really liked “Moves Like Jagger” and “Payphone,” you’ll probably enjoy this album.

For anyone that might care, here’s my favorite songs from their previous albums:

  • Songs About Jane (2002) – “Harder To Breathe,” “This Love,” “She Will Be Loved,” “Sunday Morning,” and “Sweetest Goodbye”
  • It Won’t Be Soon Before Long (2007) – “If I Never See Your Face Again,” “Makes Me Wonder,” “Wake Up Call,” “Won’t Go Home Without You,” “Nothing Lasts Forever,” and “Not Falling Apart”
  • Hands All Over(2010) – “Misery,” “I Can’t Lie,” “How,” “Just a Feeling,” “Moves Like Jagger,” and “No Curtain Call”

I also bought Linkin Park’s new album LIVING THINGS on the same day I bought Overexposed, and I will be reviewing that next, so stay tuned!!

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