Ice Age: Continental Drift (2012) Review

I went to see this only because I had a free ticket voucher that was expiring, and this was the only thing I hadn’t seen yet.  Regal Cinema Group recently changed their free ticket policy so that you have to wait 10 days from a film’s release before you can use the free ticket, which is unfortunate, because I usually like to see movies the weekend they come out.  Oh well.  On the brighter side of things, that policy allows me to go and watch the movies that I am mildly curious about, but probably would have passed had I not had a free ticket to it.

I vaguely remember having watched the first three Ice Age movies, but I only really remember the first one…at least, I think that’s the one I remember.  (That’s the one with the kid, right?)  After that, all I remember is Scrat and his ever elusive acorn.  Hahaha.  This latest installment pretty much follows the same formula you’ve come to expect from Ice Age.  There’s nothing incredibly memorable about it, but there’s enough silliness and laughter to keep young kids entertained.

What you see in the trailer is basically what you get.  You have the usual suspects trying to survive their ice age apocalypse, and then you have the evil pirate baboon and his crew causing the gang problems.  And of course, there’s also Scrat chasing after acorns.  He almost gets it right this time too, but in the end he really is doomed to just be acornless.

**MINI SPOILER ALERT**  I think my favorite part of the movie though, had to be Louis, the cute little molehog.  I found that character to be unexpectedly adorable.  He’s nervous, kind of nerdy, and a tad pessimistic.  The one part that really had me bursting out in laughter was this one part where he was talking to Crash and Eddie, the twin possum brothers.  I can’t remember the line exactly, but Crash and Eddie were just goofing off, despite the whole end of the world bit, and Louis had asked them how they could fool around like that and how come they didn’t seem worried at all that the sky was falling.  Crash and Eddie tell him that no, they’re not worried at all and ask if he’d like to know their secret as to why that is.  Louis says that he does and after the two brothers briefly deliberate whether or not Louis is worthy of their precious secret, they decide to tell him.  “We’re stupid,” one of them says, plain and simple.  Somehow, I found the buildup to that scene and the delivery of that line to be hilarious.  I wasn’t the only one either, there was a father sitting about five rows in front of me that burst out laughing at that same line.  The way he laughed made me laugh harder too, because it sounded like one of those “I can’t believe what I’m hearing” kind of laughs.

Anyway, if your kid’s a fan of animated movies, this might not be a bad one to take them to.  There’s enough witty lines to keep the adults from getting too bored, and you can’t really go wrong with Scrat.


Next up is my review of the recent remake of Total Recall, which should be up in a few minutes, so stay tuned!

2 responses to “Ice Age: Continental Drift (2012) Review

  1. I saw the first two films. I really liked the original Ice Age, but the second one was a disappointment. The first movie at least TRIED to be KIND OF historically accurate (i.e. mammoths and humans coexisting), but it got progressively more ridiculous as the movies started introducing dinosaurs (which were long extinct when this ice age rolled around).

    • Hahaha, right?? And I don’t even remember the dinosaurs. I think I might just rewatch them all at some point when I have nothing better to do…and not really watch them, more like skim through them and be like “Ohh yeah…THAT’S what happened…I remember now.”

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