Looper (2012) Review

I’m sure I’ve said it before at least once on this blog, but in case I haven’t, I will say it now.  I absolutely love Joseph Gordon-Levitt, so much so that I totally took the “risk” to see this movie, and by risk I mean going to a movie where I know there’s going to be violent scenes that make me kind of squeamish.  I will be honest and say if JGL wasn’t one of the actors in this project, the story alone might not have been enough to interest me into watching it.

While I am very tempted to provide spoilers for this movie, nothing of the sort will be happening this entry.  There are certain points in the story where some people might argue that the story gets a little cheesy, and there is also the time travel element where I’m sure it can be debated to death whether or not the movie did a good job of making that work.  Regardless, I do think that this is one of the movies that has lived up to its buzz.

I know there was a lot of buzz around JGL’s cosmetic makeover, and I will say that whoever the make-up artist was, they did a great job in making him look like a different person.  There are times where his face looks kind of fake, but for the most part it did seem like it could be JGL’s real face.

The plot was definitely engaging and I found myself invested in the story from the get-go.  Of course they did fantastic marketing for this movie as well, so I think that helped a lot too, since I had been keeping up with it all prior to the film’s release.  In fact, speaking of marketing, I had no idea that this was a promotion, but when I went the day after opening night, I received a free movie poster, which was totally awesome.  Now if only I could get the signatures of the three leads on it, right?  Haha.  (Especially JGL.)

All the action scenes were fantastic, though the dialogue did get a little corny for me sometimes—the movie is also not entirely without its flaws and clichés.  Regardless, it was one fantastic ride.  Action, chases, violence, romance, loyalty, betrayal—you name it, this film’s got it.  A little dash of everything, really.  If you haven’t seen it yet, I say it’s definitely worth catching while it’s still in theaters.  Again, I’d love to spoil it all for you, but this is one of those instances where I feel like that just really wouldn’t be fair.

I also would like to briefly comment that the way it ended, it really made me wish there was at least another half hour of the film where it could have fleshed out a few things a bit more.  And as final as the ending was, it still didn’t keep me from wishing there would be a secret ending scene (which there isn’t).  For the curious, the only thing I am willing to say about the ending is that it wasn’t what I was hoping, but it did make sense.

I’m not sure if I would call this 100% classic because there were definitely some overly cheesy elements that sort of interrupted the smooth flow of the story and a few sections of the plot that I think could have been more fleshed out, but it sure comes pretty darn close!


I will conclude by saying that I took the plunge and watched Pitch Perfect (2012) on a whim because I just felt like I wanted to watch something that I knew would make me laugh, and boy let me tell you it did.  It’s a definite DVD rental-type movie and honestly I don’t think I really have enough material to give it a separate review.  If you’re a huge fan of the Glee TV series or if you were one of those people who really enjoyed the High School Musical movies, then that movie is something you might enjoy.

Well, not sure when I’ll have another entry up, but hopefully soon!  See you all then!

13 responses to “Looper (2012) Review

  1. It was a good job (Levitt’s face), though I was still not convinced by it – not that it mattered, they could have done nothing to his face and I wouldn’t have thought anything less of the movie. Nce review.

  2. Nice review Rae –

    To the alienredqueen – about the time traveling. The film doesn’t spend any time explaining HOW it works. So don’t be concerned about it.

    Actually rather than explaining the mechanics and taking time for that – they give more time to the story.

    • Haha, I think it’s probably better they didn’t try to explain it. In that way they avoided a lot of criticisms from those that consider themselves time travel experts (a.k.a. some of my closest friends, hahaha) who would have probably torn their logic apart. Regardless, I still really enjoyed the movie.

    • Oh, I wasn’t worried about it. Time travel can be so paradoxical…I was just wondering in what context they were trying to change JGL’s face. To make him a “younger” version of Bruce makes sense in the context of time travel.

  3. Good review. The plot makes perfect sense even if it may seem a bit confusing at first, and the suspense draws you in but something just did not mix so well in the end. I didn’t really care all that much for the characters and that’s sort of why the pay-off didn’t do much for me.

    • Yeah, I agree about the ending. There’s so many places I feel like it could have been taken, which of course didn’t happen. I can see what you mean about not feeling invested in the characters. In a way, I suppose they didn’t give us a lot to go on. Good movie though, I thought.

  4. Nice write up Rae, Looper still has me questioning exactly what was going on weeks after watching it. JGL was great but Willis really blew me away in this.

    Also nice to see the evolution of Rian Johnson.

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