10 Years (2011) Review

This movie didn’t surprise in any way, and I hadn’t expected it to—yet I had still been curious about it even after I missed the opportunity to catch it in theaters.  I think I was just curious whether or not Channing Tatum’s character would get back together with Rosario Dawson’s.

10 Years (2011) movie poster

Surprisingly, this movie was pretty ordinary.  I can’t really think of the right words at the moment to express what I feel like this movie is missing other than to say while there wasn’t anything that happened in it that was unexpected, I also had been expecting maybe something a little more than what we got.  I guess I was looking for some sort of Hollywood finish; that nonsensical ending that would probably never happen in real life.  Instead, I found the story to be so realistic and believable that I felt like a fly on the wall, just observing a day in the life of these people.  You know, now that I think about it, I think I might have actually felt invested had we seen rather than heard about the high school experiences from the characters.

While not really in found-footage format, this movie kind of reminded me of recent movies that have used that style in attempts to make the audience feel as if they are actually at these parties, like Project X (2012).  Funny enough, compared to those I think this movie did a much better job with making me feel like I was watching the actual experience, mostly because nothing seemed overly exaggerated—well, aside from Oscar Isaac’s “rock icon” character.

That said, unless you don’t plan on ever going to any school reunion and want to know a hypothetical of what you might be missing out on, I don’t see why else a person would want to watch this movie.  Why live through the experience (in this case, fictional experiences) of someone else when you can make those memories yourself?

Anyway, I don’t really have too much else to say about this movie other than I could have lived without ever having seen it.


By the way, if anyone is curious about Project X, I don’t have any plans on watching it myself, but if you’d like to read up on a review on it, then check out the one written by my blogger friend, Nasen.  He runs a blog called “The Pop Culture Historian.”  Poor guy disliked the film so much he wrote up a follow-up entry on it.  Here’s the two links for y’all, if you’re interested: Review | Follow-up Entry.

2 responses to “10 Years (2011) Review

  1. The impression I’m getting is that 10 Years is supposed to have a dash of drama in addition to its comedy. Project X, on the other hand, was just 87 minutes of (for their ideal viewer) cheap laughs. Thanks for the shout-out, by the way!

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