Some updates…

This is going to be one of those super rare and generic blog entries, partially because I’m feeling a little lazy about posting right now.  Honestly though I have plenty left to write about.  Also, I need a little break from the blog for a while as I work on my book.  I’ve got to send in more to my editor soon, and I’ve fallen a little behind.  I’m the type that’s usually pretty on top of all of my obligations, but when it comes to personal deadlines, I become the queen of procrastination.  I know, totally bizarre.

Blog Sticky

Anyway, this entry is going to contain brief updates for my FM Karaoke review, Fire Emblem game review, and my comparison of the 3DS XL and PS Vita.

FM Karaoke

I haven’t gone there in a while, but I just found out today that there has been a price increase for all the rooms.  So originally the price was $25/hr. for a small room, $30/hr. for a middle-sized room, and so on.  Now it’s $30/hr. for a small, $35/hr. for a middle room, etc.

Fire Emblem Awakening

I had said that I thought the game allowed video recording of the battles.  After looking into this further, I discovered that to not be the case.  I think I was too excited at the time when I wrote about that, haha.


In general, I’ve learned a huge limitation of the 3DS systems, XL or the standard size.  If you own multiple systems, unlike the Playstation store, you cannot link all your systems under one ID.  This might be a dealbreaker for someone who owns a standard 3DS and decides to upgrade to an XL, especially if all the games they own were bought from the eShop and not hard copies, and they plan on keeping both systems.  If you want the games on both systems, you will have to buy them multiple times if you choose to stick with the download option.


So, there you have it!  Pretty straightforward, right?  At some point I should probably go back and edit each of those individual entries, but for now, hopefully this will do just fine.

Before I go though, I need to make a complaint.  Anyone else besides me wondering why WordPress decided to change the whole images system to something more complicated than it was before?  I actually liked the way they had it before, where I could choose what size the image could be.  Now I can’t get the images I insert in my post to the size I actually want it.  I find that terribly inconvenient.  I hope they do something about it.

(As of 3/14/13, WordPress brought back the old way of uploading images, so the previous complaint is no longer relevant.  Thank you, WordPress.  Seriously.  The “new” way was incredibly frustrating.)

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