[Book Review] The Minstrel and the Dragon Pup by Rosemary Sutcliff

I’ve been on a bit of a nostalgia kick as of late, and so I’ve been rereading a small stack of children’s books I loved as a kid.  The Minstrel and the Dragon Pup was one of my most favored, so I went ahead and reread that first.

This book probably is one of the main reasons why I love fairy tales and the fantasy genre so much.  I think it’s the perfect read for a child at about the 2nd or 3rd grade reading level, and it’s definitely a very cute story.

I haven’t touched this story since I was about six, and of course now that I’m older, it’s funny how different the story reads than how I remembered it.  At the time I remember having been so taken by the minstrel and baby dragon’s relationship.  I think a lot of the reason it had spoken to me was because I had really been wanting a puppy at the time, not to mention I had been incredibly fascinated by reptiles, real or imaginary.

Like most children’s stories, this one pretty much goes straight to the point, and to a much older reader there’s a handful of obvious loopholes in the story.  However, for a child I think this story is perfect with its conflict, resolution, and perfectly happy ending.


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