Places I Would Like to Travel To — A Bucket List

So last summer was the first time I solo-traveled—I’ve been places, but it’s always been organized whether through school or church.  I had gone to visit some friends who had recently moved to San Francisco, and I had a blast.  At some point I know I should probably share those experiences and post the pictures I took on Tumblr; I just haven’t really had the time to sit down and write it all out and transfer the photographs onto my computer’s hard drive.

Blank bucket list

Anyway, within the past year I’ve met and made a small handful of friends that are as interested in traveling as I am, and this summer I will be going to visit Atlanta, Georgia!  With that on my mind though, I thought it would be fun to share places I’ve always wanted to visit, and I actually think it’s feasible that I will be spending the next few years traveling.  So here’s my list (some places I am just a tad more specific):

In the U.S.

  1. Hawaii
  2. Los Angeles, California
  3. San Francisco, California (LOVED it the first time, would love to go again!)
  4. Seattle, Washington
  5. Universal Studios & Disney World in Florida
  6. Colorado
  7. Ohio
  8. North Carolina
  9. South Carolina
  10. New Hampshire
  11. Massachusetts
  12. Tennessee
  13. New York (Been here on school trips, but now I’d like to try venturing on my own.)
  14. Texas
  15. Nevada
  16. Pennsylvania (Haven’t been there in years; would like to go again.)


  1. Montreal
  2. Toronto
  3. Vancouver


  1. Australia
  2. Ireland
  3. UK
  4. Germany
  5. Sweeden
  6. Finland
  7. Norway
  8. Greece
  9. Italy
  10. France
  11. Japan
  12. New Zealand
  13. Greenland
  14. South Korea (Went there years ago; I wonder how different it is now.  SK is always constantly changing.)

I don’t have super specific plans for many of these places other than taking a look at all the popular tourist sites and maybe do a little additional exploring.  The order I’ve listed them is not necessarily the order I want to visit them in, it’s more of what came to mind first.  Anyway, I unofficially dub this list the bucket list of places where I might potentially see myself living in the future, even if only for a short while.  Yeah, I know, long title.

On that note, I encourage readers to feel free to share your own travel lists on this entry, or to share your insights/advice/recommendations if you’ve visited any of these places!  🙂

In other news, Fast & Furious 6, Epic, and Part III of The Hangover all come out this weekend, so you can be sure there’s going to be more movie reviewing happening on this blog in the near future!  Until then, see you all next time!

8 responses to “Places I Would Like to Travel To — A Bucket List

  1. I have been to 8 on your abroad-list 🙂 Norway, Finland and Sweden are going to be the most expensive countries. (Holy moly, we had to pay 25 bucks for 2 tiny sandwhiches…) New Zealand is on my list too! 🙂

  2. Nice post Rae. Great to see you active in your writing again, and soon to be travelling! I’d like to go to ATL soon, I hear its fun and people are nice. My wife has been a few times and she had fun. Australia is also on my list too. I’ve been following a couple of world travellers journey online for a couple of years now. They have cool YouTube videos to watch too. Google Hot Toddies Unlimited. I look forward to seeing Fast and Furious 6 this weekend, and your review!

    • Thank you! Yeah, I’m pretty excited about visiting ATL too! And I’ll check out those YouTube vids, thanks for the rec!

      Yeah, the Fast franchise has pretty terrible storylines, but I’m sure it’s going to be a fun ride nonetheless. I really just want to see what’s up with Letty!Lol

  3. Oh god I live in Massachusetts. It’s beautiful in the summer/spring and charming in the fall, but the winters here in/around Boston are pretty awful. I’m honestly getting annoyed with a lot of New England culture, namely the rabid sports fans and how Mass enjoys a reputation of being liberal when in reality Mass natives are super NIMBY.

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