About Time (2013) Review

I had the choice between watching an advance screening between Last Vegas and About Time, since they were both showing last night.  Since Last Vegas is opening this weekend, I ended up deciding to go see About Time.  I was pretty glad I did.

About Time (2013) movie poster

Rachel McAdams is no stranger to acting characters dating time travelers.  Just a few years ago, in 2009, she played Eric Bana’s wife in The Time Traveler’s Wife.  Between the two, I preferred About Time.

The story had just the right amount of funny and emotional feels for me.  Now is it predictable?  Yes.  Is it full of clichés as well?  Absolutely.  I will also add that there are plenty of inconsistencies in the whole matter of time travel, but I think that’s to be expected as that’s what always seems to happen when the subject gets covered.

All that aside, I think the casting was done well and the characters were written memorably.  I will also say that I really liked Bill Nighy in this film.  I found his character to be quite humorous and very likable.

I would also like to commend the supporting cast.  Now that I think back on it, most of them brought comic-relief to the story.  I am guilty of laughing pretty hard at some points (though mind you, I admit to being easily amused and making things funnier in my head), and I’m pretty sure I drove the stranger sitting next to me crazy, but I couldn’t help it.  I’m not sure if this clearly describes it, but the cast seemed like they were having such a good time, it made me wish I was on set too to join in on the fun.  I think that’s the best part for me, when a movie is able to make me feel that way.


Personally, I’d like to give this an A-, but I’m afraid people might start a riot.  Haha.  I think this is the perfect date night flick.  If you were into The Notebook (2004), then I’d definitely go.  I wouldn’t say it’s better than that movie (because come onRyan Gosling…!), but I will say I enjoyed it almost as much.  I think I’ll be getting this one on DVD.

2 responses to “About Time (2013) Review

  1. Good review Rae. It started off promising, but eventually began to just get all sentimental and soft, almost to the point of where it was terribly disappointing.

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