Free Birds (2013) Review

I can’t remember which entry it was on, but I think Scotty from 3 Guys 1 Movie made a quick comment where he wondered—I’m assuming for the briefest of moments—why this was not on the “kid radar.”  So naturally, I decided to do some research, just out of curiosity.

Free Birds (2013) movie posterThe answer is that Scotty has some very smart kids.  (Not that he didn’t know that.)

I walked into the movie wearing what I like to call my “kid cap,” which is what I do for all the animated movies targeted at kids I see.  As you can probably guess, it’s when I try to remember how I most likely viewed something as a child, and try to view whatever it is I’m watching through those lens.

What resulted was me feeling incredibly bored by this movie.  Sure they got their 3D effects right—I went to the 3D showing only because it was the closest time to right after I got off work and I didn’t want to get home late from this one—but other than that, the story was extremely flat and the jokes weren’t all that funny.

Honestly?  I thought this was pretty walk-out worthy.  I’m glad I used my free ticket voucher on this.


After I got out, I discovered that I totally missed out on the chance to attend an advance screening of Thor: The Dark World (2013), to which I say, “SIGH.”  Hahaha.  Moral of the story: be more diligent about hunting for advance screening tickets of movies you actually want to see and save the about to expire free ticket meant to be used on potentially bad movies experiment for a different day.

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