Frozen (2013) Review **WITH SPOILERS**

WARNING: This post contains spoilers for the movie Frozen (2013).

I only marked this entry as having spoilers because while I did enjoy it on the whole, there are a few parts of the plot that I took issue with that may be considered major spoilers (even if they aren’t meant to be), so I just thought I’d give a heads-up now just in case.

Frozen (2013) movie poster

I’ll start off by saying I honestly had no idea what to expect prior to watching this movie.  I knew it was an animated movie that was most likely targeted towards kids, but all of the trailers I had seen for it seemed incredibly vague.  After watching it, I guess I kind of understand why that was.

For starters, I don’t really think there was necessarily a main antagonist.  If anything, the one character I expected to be the villain turns out to be all bark and no bite, and the character that does become the villain does so almost towards the end of the movie.  Not to mention this seems to happen rather suddenly (and in my opinion, totally randomly, but perhaps that’s just me).   By the way, here’s where I’m going to start getting spoilery, so now would be the time to close your eyes and scroll all the way down if you just want to skip to what I rated the movie.

So, looking at the above poster (and after watching the first few minutes of the movie), I personally found myself thinking, “Hey!  That’s a nice change!  Two princesses, neither necessarily evil, and it looks like they might both get the prince!  Cool!”  Of course, I realize I should have known better because this all turns out to be a bunch of lies and somehow one of the princesses doesn’t end up with anyone!  I admit this is my inner child speaking, but really, I didn’t see how that was at all fair.  Then again, I suppose it kind of makes sense because the only way they probably could have made it work where both princesses got their own prince would be to have two different stories going on at once, and I guess that would have made things a little too complicated for a kids movie.  Personally though, I think they should have just figured out a way to make it work while developing the character from Weaseltown/Whistleton as the main source of conflict.  In the end though, I suppose those are all just minor points.  I still enjoyed the movie a lot more than I thought I would.

Moving on, I’d like to note some positives.  While a few of the scenes in the first half seemed a little awkward, there was plenty that I think this movie did right.  For one thing, I feel like it’s been a while since I’ve watched a Disney animation with a memorable soundtrack.  I think the last time might have been the first Mulan, and that was ages ago, back in 1998!  I went to watch this with my friend and her kids, and when we left the theater, two of them were singing a couple of the songs from the movie.  I take that as a good indicator.

While I admit I was a bit iffy about the snowman character, Olaf, based on what I had seen of him in the trailers, he ended up being one of my favorite characters.  He was definitely one of the funnier characters, if not the funniest, and the one song he sings about summer I thought was downright hilarious.  The humor, however, is definitely lame, so I’d avoid this if that’s not your thing.

I’m not sure if this was meant to be the main message, but I did get this sense of “girl power” as I was watching.  I didn’t mind it because I think it actually projected a more healthy message for girls than Disney princess movies of the past.


So while I was watching this I kept thinking of the guys from 3Guys1Movie.  For some reason, I feel like they’d appreciate this one (even if they might not end up admitting it openly), hahaha.

4 responses to “Frozen (2013) Review **WITH SPOILERS**

  1. Good review Rae. Definitely one of the better Disney movies I’ve seen in quite some time, especially since the message of the movie is more about how a woman doesn’t need a man to get by in this world. She just needs herself and the support of her family, and that’s it.

  2. Your entire second paragraph is basically my main beef with Frozen: a good chunk of the movie’s first half was dedicated to song numbers at the expense of plot exposition. As the movie went on, I saw the plot basically rushing to get in before the credits rolled. To me, it was clear Frozen was intended to be:
    A. A movie for younger audiences
    B. A quick holiday spirit cash-in

    While Frozen was a decent movie (FAAAR better than this past summer’s Epic), it still wasn’t a great movie in my mind. It’s possible that I feel that way because my scale is skewed by the sheer amount of Pixar and Ghibli I’ve been watching, but The Lego Movie totally blew Frozen out of the water as far as animated movies I’ve seen recently.

    • Well old Pixar and Ghibli will always seem better in comparison. Was the Lego movie really that good? I was extremely skeptical about it from the trailers. I might just check it out though, since it seems you liked it so much.

      • I have to admit, I was skeptical when I saw the trailer too, but seeing it got a 96% rating on Rotten Tomatoes convinced me to go check it out. I was not disappointed. The Lego Movie was legitimately the best animated movie I’ve seen in a while.

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