Focus (2015) Review

While it did have its entertaining moments, I thought that this movie felt somewhat incomplete.  I also did not find it particularly memorable (I say this as I am editing this entry now, months later, and finding myself not remembering much of what it was I was trying to say back then, because this entry was severely unfinished).  As a result, I don’t have a whole lot to say about this movie.

Focus (2015)A few of the cons were interesting to watch.  Sometimes I felt like I was watching something similar to that 2008 (can we call it reality?) series, Magic’s Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed.

There were some things that characters said that made me at least wish that a few flashbacks had been included, if only to flesh out those subplots a little more.  I think it would have been interesting to see a younger version of Will Smith’s character, learning the ropes.  Of course, at the same time I realize there was a reason why they didn’t show that, because it would have likely ruined “the great reveal” at the end of the movie.  That said, I found the ending to be a little too convenient.

Aside from Smith and Robbie, I’m not sure if I was too incredibly impressed with any of the other characters.  I didn’t think enough time was spent fleshing out any of the supporting characters, and as a result I didn’t feel all that invested in any of them.  They were more like stepping stones to build up to the “surprise” at the ending, which I personally wasn’t all that impressed with by the time I got there.

Final Thoughts: I think an argument can be made for watching this as a rental; I’m not sure if I would recommend buying this one for the permanent collection, however.  I personally don’t think the movie offers much in terms of replay value.

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