A Foodie’s Diary: Handcrafted Ice Cream in Baltimore – The Charmery

I like to try new food places as often as possible in the DMV area, and I recently discovered this place for ice cream in Baltimore!  Located on West 36th Street, this place is perfect for getting an ice cream fix.  I haven’t tried all the flavors yet, but I can tell out of the two I tried so far, it was fantastic!  I had the Malty Vanilla Chip and Berger Cookies & Cream, which were both quite delicious!

The CharmeryThey have a lot of creative flavors, like Maryland Mud, Candy Crush, and Saturday Morning Cartoon, just to name a few!  Definitely a great place to take kids or go out as a group.  There’s also a guy outside who plays guitar and sings; apparently that’s his “spot.”  He’s a great entertainer, and I even saw him play a few kids songs for a little girl who wanted to watch for a while; it was very sweet.

The ice cream itself looks heavy, but actually goes down surprisingly light, or at least, I thought so.  They hand craft their own ice creams, and I think they do a fantastic job!  I’ve found that chain ice cream places (like Cold Stone, for example) tend to have ice cream that is overly sweet or a bit on the salty side, making someone like me incredibly thirsty and only able to get partway through the ice cream before I feel like throwing it out.  I think they get the blend just right at The Charmery, however, that I was able to finish my whole waffle cone without having the same problems.

If you’re interested in learning more, you can look them up on there website at http://www.thecharmery.com!  I’ve also posted some quick details like location and hours below.  They don’t really have a parking lot, but there is paid street and back-in parking available.


801 W 36th Street
Baltimore, MD 21211
Tel: (410) 814-0493



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