The LEGO Movie (2014) Review **CONTAINS MILD SPOILERS**

I’ll start by admitting that it took me about four attempts to really get into this movie.  I don’t know why—it’s not like I didn’t grow up playing with my own set of LEGOs, but apparently they didn’t hold enough sentimental value for me to get quickly invested in this movie.

The LEGO Movie (2014)In order to finally get through, what I had to eventually do was just let the movie play in the background for the first several minutes (through the parts I had already seen multiple times) while working on something else, using it as just background noise.

Then—and here is likely where the mild spoilers begin and end—I reached the part where Elizabeth Banks (Wyldstyle/Lucy) and Morgan Freeman’s (Vitruvius) characters enter into the mind of Chris Pratt’s character (Emmet), and they find that it is completely empty and then it is mentioned that typically it takes “Master Builders” years to achieve the emptiness necessary to achieve their goals.  And since Emmet’s brain is already fantastically empty, it makes it that much easier for him to become a “Master Builder.”  Seriously, when I heard that part, I had to rewind back to the parts I hadn’t seen and then actually pay attention, and when I got back to that scene, I couldn’t stop laughing.  I also found the rest of the movie rather humorous, so I’m glad I decided to give it one more shot.

I wouldn’t say this is up there among my all time animated favorites, but after getting over the initial struggle of getting into it in the first place, I can say that I was at least entertained while watching it.  I’m not sure what other comments I can really offer up about this movie other than I think this is something kids would probably enjoy a lot, especially those that are LEGO fans.  I will say though, upon looking at who all was doing the voice acting, I was surprised with how many big name actors I recognized, that I had no idea was a part of this project.  It might have changed how I appreciated some of the characters, had I known, but I don’t think my knowing or not knowing prior to watching would have really changed how I felt about this movie overall.

Final Thoughts: I’d say watch this one with the kids, and definitely rent if you’re a huge LEGO fan.

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