A Foodie’s Diary: Food Truck Hunt — Greek On the Street (Baltimore)

I just want to start this entry off with a warm welcome to all the new subscribers to the blog!  I hope that you all continue to enjoy the content that I post to this website!

Note: The following are my thoughts as of the date of this entry, and things may or may not be the same years down the road.

IMG_3015As I have mentioned before, I have found Baltimore food to leave a lot to be desired in terms of food, which is why I’m glad I discovered the world of food trucks during the Taste of Three Cities event that happened on June 6th of this year.  I know nothing about food truck culture, and I’m only just starting to get my feet wet.  I actually felt a little leery of the quality of food that comes off these trucks prior to attending Taste of Three Cities.  I’m glad I went though, because I think the food I had from several of the trucks (Greek On the Street included) had some of the best food I’ve tasted since moving into the city.  Now I’m on a mission to track down all these different food trucks and give their food a try.  I had a fantastic experience at Taste of Three Cities with Greek On the Street, and I have eaten from their truck a few times since then prior to writing this entry.

IMG_3017The first time I visited after the food truck competition, I was so hungry that I forgot to take a picture of the food I tried!  Fixed that problem my second and third visit—the second time I got the leg of lamb platter and the third time around I had their gyro platter (which is what I had at the food truck competition and it’s definitely my favorite.  (Pictured to the left is the leg of lamb platter—shredded lamb meat, salad, rice, and pita bread.  They also provide a tasty salad dressing and tzatziki sauce in containers.)

Their location varies; the best way to find out where they are each day is to follow them on social media.  They post where they will be on their Facebook and Twitter pages.  If you don’t see a location posted for the day, just reach out to them—they respond pretty quickly.  (I mostly interact with them via Twitter.)

IMG_3018I’ve tried their gyro and leg of lamb platters; both of which are very good.  You get a lot of food, and I definitely felt like I was getting my money’s worth.  Their leg of lamb is considerably more food than the gyro.  I couldn’t finish either dish because I was getting so full, but I definitely had more leftover from my leg of lamb platter than the gyro.  Both are dishes best eaten while fresh.  Not to say that you can’t save them for later, but I personally felt like I got the most out of my experience having my meal as soon as it was ready.  (Pictured to the right is their gyro platter.  It might not look like a lot, but that salad and rice goes deep!)

At some point I plan on giving their shrimp and ahi tuna dishes a try.  Also their Greek fries.  I have yet to try the baklava that I purchased from them (it’s currently in my fridge), but I plan to do that either sometime tonight or tomorrow.  I’ll be updating this entry later on as I try each of those and provide my thoughts on them.

IMG_3016These guys get pretty busy; I wish I had thought to take a picture of the line when they were down in Fells Point.  When that happens, they don’t take names for orders.  Instead, they hand you a card from a playing card deck and call out the number and suit when your order is ready.  I like the idea.  (I was 7 of diamonds the day I ordered one of the leg of lamb platters.)

I prefer them when they’re at their Charles Street and Pratt location; it’s the easiest one for me to get to.  I just take the Charm City Circulator’s Purple Line and pay them a quick visit.

These guys are great as a lunch option during the workday.  Unfortunately, my work is too far away from any of the places where they usually park their trucks, so I visit them when I have a day off.  Their hours are from 11am-2pm.

For more information, such as their menu and pricing, please visit their website at: http://greekonthestreetbaltimore.com/

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