[TV] Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris (NBC)

I remember seeing a preview for this show at some point—one of those forced commercials I was made to endure before whatever app I was using at the time would allow me to watch the program I was waiting to watch—and I remember thinking, “what is this show supposed to be, exactly?”

Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris

I find Neil Patrick Harris to be both endearing and funny; his character of Barney was definitely the main reason why I kept watching How I Met Your Mother (2005-2014), even long after I started getting annoyed with how the series plot seemed to drag.  I typically don’t really follow many non-Asian game or talk shows, but knowing NPH was hosting was just enough to pique my curiosity to at least see what this show was all about.

Turns out, it’s a show that feels like a mashup of a bunch of different shows that I’ve seen before at some point.  You have an opening that feels like Saturday Night Live (1975-), segments that feel like Candid Camera (1948-2004) and Deal or No Deal (2005-2009), and random acts that kind of just happen that make me feel like I’m watching one of those talent programs, like America’s Got Talent (2006-), among other shows.

At the moment, it doesn’t really seem like the show has much of a format; it just felt mostly like NPH was throwing an over-the-top house party with a bunch of random acts, and the only people really invited were the people in the audience.  Maybe it’s a show that needs time for its host to warm up and needs the patience of viewers to wait for some sort of pattern to emerge.  Who knows.  We shall see, I suppose.

I’m not particularly inclined to tune in regularly, but I might give the show another chance after it’s been running for several episodes.  I can say with great certainty though that if the show sticks to its current formula, then I don’t see myself ever committing to it for the long haul, NPH or no NPH.  It’s kind of like how I feel about great actors in terribly scripted movies; the talent can only save so much.

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