[TV] Second Chance (FOX)

Will Second Chance (2016-????) get a second chance?  That was the first thought I had as I started to watch this series from its beginning sometime last week.

I’ve been meaning to watch this series since I first saw a commercial for it.  The premise seemed interesting enough—genius twins use advanced technology to not only bring a dead police officer, Jimmy Pritchard (Robert Kazinsky), back to life, but the process they use also gives Jimmy a younger body.  Why did they do it?  With the hope that Jimmy’s blood can help cure one of the twins of cancer.

Here’s the commercial for the series, in case you haven’t seen it.  Some spoilers below the clip, by the way.  So if you’re trying to avoid those, I suggest skipping the latter half of this entry.

The series did manage to keep my interest for the first few episodes, although it was a bit difficult at times to pin down what the focus of the series was supposed to be.  At first it seemed like it would be about seeing whether Duval (Tim DeKay) would realize his “half-brother” is Jimmy, but that gets solved within a few episodes.  Then there’s the whole solving crimes linked to explaining why Jimmy got murdered in the first place, while at the same time making sure he doesn’t die in the process, since he still needs to provide Mary Goodwin (Dilshad Vadsaria) with blood transfusions.

Towards the end of the series, my interest wavered a bit.  Part of it was a certain character became evil that I wasn’t completely expecting would “turn over to the dark side,” for lack of better phrasing, and the other reason would have to be that I wasn’t entirely convinced that the main antagonist’s motivations warranted as much destruction as it did.

The ending of the very last episode tries to hook you in for a second season by raising new questions, like how was Otto able to pull off what he did?  When was there even time to do it?

While I am not in a huge amount of anticipation for a second season, I’d still be willing to invest in watching a few more episodes, should the network decide to move forward with one.  If the rumors are to be believed, Second Chance is more than likely going to be cancelled, but I think there is still some potential there for the series to develop into something more interesting.  We’ll see.

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