Togo (2019) Review

So trying out Disney+. I’ll sidebar briefly and say that I am not a huge fan of how this recent culture of micro-transactions and so many different streaming subscriptions (which makes cord-cutting even tougher than when online streaming of televisions, movies, and other things was just starting to become a thing). More on that another time. Disney+, while not perfect, does happen to have a few oldie but goodie things on there, which I appreciate, like the Darkwing Duck series and some movies I’d long forgotten about, like the two Rescuers movies.

Onto Togo (2019), though. I had no idea what to expect when I started watching this movie. I honestly just chose it because I am a fan of the husky breed, and boy did I not know what I was in for. Basically, to sum things up, I learned that Leonhard Seppala was responsible for bringing the husky breed to the U.S., which I did not know or realize, so that was interesting to learn. Further, I learned that I was totally lied to as a child. All this time, I wanted to own a husky because I had watched the animated movie Balto (1995), and pretty much all my life until now, gave him all the credit in my mind as to the success of the 1925 serum run.

This movie is one of those that reminded me that what we think we might know about history may not always be accurate, and that more often than we might like, unsung heroes remain unsung for a very long time.

In short, this movie made me experience one of those “oh man, my whole childhood was a lie!” type of moments.

I’m still navigating Disney+, so I’m not sure what other exclusives or originals they might offer down the line, but if its of the quality of this and the Mandalorian (2019—) series, then I might think having an actual subscription may be worth it. Again, however, that still remains to be seen. At some point I’ll put out my gripes with this whole micro-transaction, multi-subscription program culture we’re now in.

Anyway, if you’re an animal lover, dog lover, or husky lover, I highly recommend watching this movie. Also, if you don’t mind watching a tearjerker, because there were definitely moments in this movie where I bawled like a baby. It was so heartwarming. The things Togo and his owner were able to accomplish, and under what conditions they performed their feats, leaves me without words.

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