Just Mercy (2020) Review

I thought this was a powerful movie, and I definitely bawled at some parts. There was so much injustice that was being highlighted in this movie, and it’s not like it’s necessarily new information to our society, but I liked how it gives opportunity for the viewer to really pause and think. Especially if they are not black. I think this movie was very well done in terms of the message being loud and clear, and yet never once did I think the acting was overdone. Even how things operate in the courtroom seemed a lot more authentic than something you’d see dramatized in say one of those daytime court shows or even Law & Order.

I was also extremely impressed by Michael B. Jordan’s acting. I haven’t watched anything he’s done since Fantastic Four (2015), a movie which I wasn’t too impressed by, but I can say he stands out here as a strong and memorable actor.

I also thought the supporting cast did a phenomenal job. I felt every emotion, and they really brought life to the people who they were portraying, that it made me forget that these were actors in a movie. The pacing of the movie was also terrific. The way everything built up to the ending, it just felt right to me. I cried the most towards the end, starting with the character, I believe his name was Herb, and his final moments. It was moving and horrifying, all at the same time.

Our justice system is not a perfect legal system. I think this movie does a great job of showing that. There’s plenty of room for improvement. The sad part about scenes showing corruption in the ranks, is that it’s very real. I have seen it happen countless times. At the same time, I have also seen times where the legal system does do right, but it’s still easy to get jaded.

I went into this movie not knowing what to expect. I didn’t even watch any trailers; just the premise intrigued me enough to go, and I am glad I did. I think this is one worth watching, but of course, that’s just my opinion.

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