Sonic (2020) Review

So I went into this movie with absolutely zero expectations. The only thing I knew about it was that after outcry from Sonic fans, a ton more money was spent to redesign our speedy blue hedgehog, to look more like he does in the classic video games.

I have to say, after seeing the movie, I rather enjoyed it. If you’re into cute movies, and especially if you like corny, lighthearted humor, then this will be the movie for you.

For diehard Sonic fans who are skeptical about Dr. “Eggman” Robotnik’s look for the movie, all I’ll say about that is that the movie later explains itself. Me personally? I was okay with that.

For parents taking their children to this movie, there’s some humor for adults in there, but nothing on the raunchy side. More sarcastic, if anything. There were some moments that elicited a few appreciative chuckles among the adults in the audience I was with. As for the kids in that same audience, they seemed to enjoy the movie and were pretty engaged. They were a pretty vocal crowd too, which I thought was adorable.

There are extra scenes after the credits, but only for the first few minutes. Once you see the standard form of credits roll, there isn’t anything after that.

This is where I put in a little plug for one of my favorite apps, RunPee. You can find the app on the Google Play store and in the Apple App store. They provide users with recommended “pee times” for when you need to go answer nature’s call, but you don’t want to miss anything essential in the movie. They also provide recommended lengths of time for breaks, if you decide you need to. My favorite part of the app, though, is the accuracy in which the users who contribute to the app let you know about whether there are any post-credit scenes. The app usually stays pretty up-to-date with what’s out (although they might miss a few indie movies here and there, which is a small thing, in my opinion), and oftentimes are able to provide you with the information by Friday of a film’s opening weekend. Since opening night for most new movies seem to happen on Thursdays lately, at least where I’m at. Sometimes the app is updated by then, and sometimes not.

There’s hints of a possible sequel in the after credits scenes, and a small Easter egg that fans of Sonic will likely enjoy. Of course, for me personally, it did come with some questions, but I’ll leave it at that, since this was more intended to be a spoiler-free review.

In watching this movie, I do have a mini update for my prior entry about Regal Unlimited, that I thought I’d like to share with everyone.


  • If you purchase tickets through the app, there’s a .50 cent convenience charge for a single ticket, BUT if you buy in person on the same day you’re going to see the movie, it’s $0.
  • Apparently, they plan to allow as a Valentine’s Day special, that if you purchase tickets within a certain time frame from Valentine’s Day, you get two tickets free. I found this out completely on accident when a friend and I went to see a movie the weekend after Valentine’s Day.
  • When you order a single ticket, you do not have to select a ticket type at all. That’s only if you’re purchasing a second or more tickets with your order. Just scan your loyalty barcode otherwise, and then go see the movies.
  • The 10% off Regal Unlimited coupon takes precedence over certain concession rewards in the Regal Crown Club store. DO NOT SELECT either “small popcorn upgrade” or “small drink upgrade” if you’re an Unlimited member. It will not take. Instead, for the most bang for your buck when it comes to popcorn and drinks, use the “free small popcorn” or “free small drink” option instead, and order whatever size you want. This will get you a discount on the regular and large sizes of popcorn and drinks.

I’ve got a backlog of entries I eventually need to get to, and of course, more new or recent movies to watch and review. As always, stay tuned!

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