Updates and Vision Moving Forward

Hey all. I know it’s been a while since I last posted. To say COVID-19 has turned my world upside-down since my last post would be an understatement. Things got complex once COVID-19 started, and I have also had a surgery and some other health conditions that have impacted my ability to post.

With no re-openings of theaters in sight, at least not around me, anyway, I haven’t been able to post about anything new on that front. Haven’t been able to find local/underground artists to feature since I mostly found them from festivals or cons.

No matter though—I’ve spent some months thinking about what I can do on this site in the meantime. The first is to figure out how to revamp the layout—I think it’s overdue for a refresh. The second is to post about other things, like certain restaurants I’ve gone to now that things have slowly started to re-open here, and the endless amount of things I’ve watched on Netflix. (Aside from horror or overly gory flicks/TV shows, I feel like I’ve pretty much watched everything Netflix, Amazon, Funimation, and Viki have to offer at this point, so it’s been rather dull recently, I must admit.)

What has everyone been doing to cope during this pandemic? Feel free to sound off in the comments!

Until next time—stay safe, and stay tuned for more content, coming soon.

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