Blogs I Like

These are all the different blogs I enjoy reading, separated by category.  Some I stumbled across, some found me, and some I discovered through “Freshly Pressed.”  (And in the mix, I am happy to call some of these people my “blog friends.”)  Hope you all take the time to check out and enjoy these blogs as well!

Links to any interviews I feature on this site as well as the websites those interviewees run can be found on my main links page, HERE.

If you are the owner of one of these blogs and would like me to take your blog off this list, or if I accidentally placed your blog under the wrong category, please let me know and I will make the change(s)!

Movie Blogs

3 Guys 1 Movie

Dan The Man’s Movie Reviews
Another Plot Device
The Arts – JustMeMike’s New Blog

Book Blogs

101 Books

Books and Bowel Movements
Catherine, Caffeinated

Photography Blogs

The Road Goes on Forever


Klara’s Street | Street Photography from Berlin


Berlin Photography (the name may change, as the author is apparently going to change locations soon)
The Blue Factory by Andrea Tobar
I Love Upstate New York
madey edlin
A Photoblog by Jay J. Manalo
sweet memories ♡ oh so sweet
Bones, Mugs & Harmony
Atsuko & Joe – Together, divided between London and Tokyo

Music Blogs

Leading Us Absurd


Food Blogs

Two Good Eggs – a breakfast blog

Fashion Blogs

Miss Renaissance

Funny Blogs

The Naked Envelope | Unaddressed stories of Miranda Ryan

Second Lunch

Mostly Bright Ideas


The Life and Times of Nathan Badley

Inspirational/Motivational Blogs

Bucket List Publications
(formerly known as Indulge: Travel, Adventure, & New Experience)
The Inspiration Files
Thru-Ride 4 Freedom

Travel Blogs

(blog of one of my good friends from college; her rantings about her experiences in Japan and Korea)
ooamerica: ooa’s USA Road-Trip
Little London Observationist
Heather & Fred’s Excellent Adventure

Korean Culture Blogs

(formerly known as Rebel Souls; Korean drama transcaps can be found here)
Super Junior | EV3RLA5TING

Other Blogs


Under the Apricot Tree

My Nintendo News
Pete & Amanda in Mexico
I Thought This Would Be Easier
Outside Air
Word Salad
Writing for Daisies

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