Review Ratings Guide

Note: I do my best to be as objective as possible in my reviews; however, I cannot guarantee that my reviews are 100% free of bias.

After having written a few reviews, I realized some readers may be curious as to what I base my star and letter-grade ratings on for some of my reviews.  So I decided that before I do too many reviews, I should probably make some sort of guide to the meanings of all those stars and letters, which is what this is.   All review-related entries dated November 5, 2011 onward should have a link to this guide.  Anything prior to that though doesn’t, so hopefully those reading the earlier entries will find themselves here somehow if they’re confused about all my symbols and whatnot.

This guide provides the breakdown for my book, food, movie, and music reviews.  Clicking on each link will take you to the specific guide.

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