Book Reviews

Notice: I do my best to write all reviews as objectively as possible, but please understand if there is any bias in my reviews on this site.
(As of 6/12/2012, I have decided to simplify my ratings to just letter grades.  Any entries before this date go by the old rating system, parts of which are no longer available.)

The following is a guide explaining the meaning behind the different letter grades:

Grading Scale 
A+  Excellent, classic, timeless.
A     Great book, can be considered timeless but not quite a classic.
A-   Good read that meets general expectations.
B+  A generally entertaining read that may be slightly lacking in some aspects.
B    Average read; room for improvement in the story or the writing.
B-  Average read; missing the “wow” factor.
C+ A fair reading experience.  In other words, easy, leisurely reading.
C   Generally readable, though at times it was difficult to keep my attention.
C-  Generally readable, but more the type of book you just pick up to read while waiting for someone.
D+ Boring and flat read; few audiences might be interested/caters to a specific, limited audience.
D    Very difficult to read and keep interested; story may not be clear or the overall idea might just not be appealing to many audiences.
D-   Story skips around too much and at times seem rushed, causing the quality to appear lacking.
F     Sloppy, disjointed, hard to enjoy/follow; most likely a book not entirely worth the time.

Note: When and where applicable, my reviews will make comment on my thoughts on a book’s originality, plot, characters, overall entertainment value, and re-read factor.

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