Food Reviews

Notice: I do my best to write all reviews as objectively as possible, but please understand if there is any bias in my reviews on this site.

The following is a guide explaining the meaning behind my ratings.  Ambiance and costs are rated separately, and any additional comments are also separate from the star ratings.

5-Star Criteria:

  • Great/excellent meals that are worth the price and definitely not easy to make at home
  • Fantastic, almost–if not completely–flawless service
  • A current repeat customer OR plan to be a repeat customer

4-Star Criteria:

  • Decent, filling food that would be a bit of a hassle to make at home
  • Great staff, friendly, and not overbearing
  • Very likely to return

  • Food is of average quality; something that can be thrown together at home
  • Decent job done by staff, and at the very least—friendly
  • Will likely return if in the area, but may be a little too out of the way to go regularly

  • Food is of mediocre quality, and may seem overpriced for what you get
  • Service is somewhat lacking; difficult to get customer service OR overbearing, annoying staff
  • Might return if nothing else is available or if management changes and I catch wind of improvements

  • Food is of terrible quality—tasteless, unappealing, overpriced for the quality, etc.
  • Service is poor to non-existent—rude, inattentive/negligent staff
  • Will not be returning


Peaceful/somewhat dead, and little to no wait time.

Short wait, quiet, small crowd.

Mediocre wait time, semi-quiet, fair crowd.

Considerably long wait time, strained acoustics, generally crowded (but nothing a reservation couldn’t fix).

Loud, terrible acoustics, overcrowding.  Some restaurants may have an impossible wait time and obtaining reservations may be difficult or not offered.


Very cheap and affordable, reasonably priced food.

Generally affordable, but might be a little expensive after tax.

Fair pricing, but may be more expensive than expected after tax and gratuity.

Pricey food; at least $30 – $50 a plate.

$50+; very expensive food and generally someplace you’d be more likely to go in honor of a special occasion.


Online Ordering?

Kids Menu?:
:  This should be self-explanatory; if I find out the restaurant is Kosher-friendly, I will say so here.
Vegetarian/Vegan-friendly?:  Same as the above case.
Recommended?:  I will either recommend or warn away from the restaurant, depending on my overall experience.

Other things to expect from one of my food reviews: I will note if there are particular items I would like to recommend, any warnings against potential items served–for example if a company uses a lot of nuts, I’ll write that so those with nut allergies can avoid them, and I will also write anything else that I think the reader may find relevant.

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