Movie Reviews

Notice: I do my best to write all reviews as objectively as possible, but please understand if there is any bias in my reviews on this site.
(As of 6/12/2012, I have simplified my ratings.  I will no longer be giving a star grade to certain aspects such as originality, picture quality, etc. and instead will be commenting on these within the entry.) 

The following is a guide explaining the meaning behind the different * and letter grades:

Overall Grade (usually called Final Verdict in my entries):
A+   Perfect story; innovative, timeless, classic.
A     Great story; viewers may consider it to be innovative and/or timeless–certain viewers may consider it classic-material.
A-    Solid story; leaves a few (very minor) plot ends loose.
B+   Good story, but may fall short in some aspects.
B     Good story, but  has a few important loose ends untied–room for more story.
B-    Decent story, but lacks in “wow” factor. 
C+   Average viewing experience with potential; at times may have seemed a little long.
C     Flat average; not great–but not horrible either.
C-   Passes the time; watch in theaters if you want to, but this is more of a DVD/stream-type of movie.
D+ Recommended to wait until DVD release or streaming availability; fast-forward worthy.
D    Very difficult to stay interested; at times seems to drag or go on too long.
D-  Drags and bores; consider this a rainy-day movie or a last resort if there’s absolutely nothing else to watch.
F    Boring; great movie to catch your Z’s in–may have been a pain to finish or impossible to finish–possibly even a movie someone would walk out on.

Note: Foreign films will also include my rating for the subtitles.  The ratings key for that is as follows:

* – Clearly poor, disjointed subtitling; may not even subtitle the entire movie.
** – Skips some dialogue; subtitles seem extremely elementary and missing the meaning of the words.
*** – Occasionally skips dialogue and may also sometimes oversimplify dialogue.
**** – Rarely skips dialogue; for the most part is accurate and clear.
***** – Perfect (or near-perfect) subtitling job.

Within my entry I will also be making comment on story originality, plot, casting, re-watch factor, and my overall thoughts of each film when and where applicable.

2 responses to “Movie Reviews

  1. On my blog, I review a lot of anime. Personally, I think the quality of voice-acting is pretty important in something animated. What I think back to is the series Kurau Phantom Memory (review here: For the most part, the voice cast worked except for Kobayashi Misa as the secondary lead character. She completely overacted her character and as a result just didn’t really seem to mesh well with Kawasumi Ayako’s voice as the main character.

    By the way, I’m linking to your blog on mine.

    • Yeah, I can agree with you on the voice acting. I don’t really like too much anime these days though. I’m not sure if I grew out of it so much as it’s not as good as the classic stuff. Like the old Gundam series and back in the day DBZ and stuff like that. I’d review some of the anime I used to watch, haha, but I don’t have as much time as I’d like to invest in this blog.

      And thanks for linking me. 🙂

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