Music Reviews

Notice: I do my best to write all reviews as objectively as possible, but please understand if there is any bias in my reviews on this site.  
(As of 6/12/2012, I have decided to simplify my ratings to just letter grades.  Any entries before this date go by the old rating system, parts of which are no longer available.)

The following is a guide explaining the meaning behind the different *’s and letter grades for each section:

Overall Grade:
A+  Exceeds initial listening expectations.
A     Meets general listening expectations.
A-   Generally positive listening experience.
B+  Slightly falls under initial expectations.
B     Good music, but may leave something to be desired.
B-   Average overall listening experience.
C+  Seems to be missing the “wow” factor and is average to slightly below-average in music quality.
C    No surprises; gets by in overall quality.
C-   Falls significantly below expectations.
D+  The sounds on this album may not be for everyone. 
D    Limited sound; limits listening enjoyment.
D-  There may be a possibility that at least one person out there might thoroughly enjoy this album.
F     Impossible to enjoy, even for those that enjoy music outside of the mainstream.

Note: My entries will also include, when and where applicable, my thoughts on song originality, overall music quality, cover art, and the CD’s re-play factor.

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