This post is for those who find themselves lost trying to navigate my site; a general layout of major sections.*

To get back to my home page, click the site’s name or the “home” button.

Home: The front page of this blog. Contains an archives sublink, which contains an aggregate list of all the entries posted on this website!
About: A brief overview of what this blog is about!
Sitemap: You are here.
The Arts Corner: Posts on just about anything artsy; in particular, movie, TV, and literature reviews.
Street Sense: Entries focusing on people, food, travel, and more.
Tech Talk: Thoughts and opinions on anything related to technology.
Miscellaneous: Musings from everyday life that don’t really fit under any other category.
Flipboard: Collected articles from all over the Internet on the topics of film and video games from Nintendo.
Links: Links to other web spaces.
Contact: Links to other web spaces.

*Not all categories are filled yet; however, this is the goal—to create a well-rounded blog and write quality posts.

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